Application Case



Intelligent infrared temperature monitoring system mainly through real-time monitoring of field devices, monitoring data (infrared temperature measurement data, high-definition visible light pictures, video) real-time transmission of fiber optic network to the station monitoring center, combined with the system high temperature alarm function, so that staff at any time Monitoring the working conditions of the substation equipment and potential failure, through the key equipment, the line temperature trends on-line analysis, can improve the staff of equipment defects early prediction and timely processing capacity, effectively enhance the key equipment for online monitoring capabilities.

2.System functions

1, two installation: track installation, fixed installation
2, video display: support channel control, preset, video reconnaissance, etc .;
3, the image storage playback function
4, video analysis and interactive features
5, equipment control function
6, alarm function
7, the monitoring equipment can form a long time temperature curve function
8, PTZ monitoring path setting function
9, generate temperature curve
10, multi-channel infrared and visible real-time display at the same time
11, hot alarm function
12, monitoring the scope and monitoring object

3.The simplest composition of the system

4.The main frame of the system

5.Transmission line detection applications

Infrared thermal imaging can be used to find the transmission line heating defects, especially through the UAV carrying infrared to achieve rapid inspection; at this stage, power transmission lines 110KV to 1000KV UHV are inseparable from the infrared detection;

6.Application of substation detection

Through the infrared imaging technology can easily detect the transformer system transformer, circuit breakers, voltage transformers, switches, arrester and other abnormal heat, through the infrared detection can effectively prevent major failures. At the same time infrared gas imaging leak detector can easily check the power station SF6 gas leakage equipment, positioning gas leakage location;

7.Distribution network detection applications

In the summer, the urban distribution network with high load, the use of infrared imager detection of key equipment and lines of the work is particularly important;

8.New energy detection applications

UAV equipped with infrared camera can be used for new energy industry operation and maintenance testing work for thermal power plant PV detection, wind turbine testing;

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