Application Case

Environmental Inspection

China's environmental pollution problems are outstanding, and environmental supervision is difficult. Drones equipped with thermal infrared cameras can help law enforcement,

It was found that enterprises with problems such as abnormal operation of air pollution control facilities, shutdown of nighttime pollution control facilities, and excessive emission of smoke, etc., comprehensively supervised environmental pollution. Drones have been used by environmental protection departments for environmental inspections.

The thermal radiation emitted by environmental protection oil, chemicals and other pollutants is different from the radiation emitted by the surrounding soil or water. The thermal imager can track these pollutants and find their source. This use was discovered when the US Drug Control Agency tracked a ship from South America. When the ship entered New York Harbor, it was observed through a thermal imaging camera that it opened the sewage system and poured sewage into the harbor. After this incident, the US Drug Control Agency, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and other agencies began to take advantage of their own consciousness to participate in environmental protection. Nowadays, thermal imaging cameras have been widely used by environmental protection organizations to find those factories that cause pollution and remove floating oil on the water.

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