Application Case

Rail Transit

1.Device function overview

By deploying high-speed industrial cameras and infrared cameras on the roofs of urban rail trains, online detection of the catenary and pantograph (on the side of the bow) under train operation is performed, and the contact network is discovered in time using the temperature analysis function of the infrared camera Pantograph (potential) electrical faults, synchronized high-definition visible light pictures, can timely find electrical faults and defects on pantograph, catenary, support suspension surface, and real-time detection of dynamic geometric parameters of catenary with the help of image recognition technology. Real-time alarm is provided to realize the dynamic online detection function of contact network and pantograph under train operation status.
Integrated positioning information for the entire inspection data (provided by the PIS system) to meet the requirements for the positioning and searching of inspection defect data; in addition, the inspection data is stored in sections by inspection interval and by inspection time to meet the requirements for management, exchange, use and detailed analysis of inspection data .

Device design based on standards

1. DLT 664-2008 application specification for infrared diagnosis of live equipment
2. High-speed railway power supply safety inspection and monitoring system (6C) system overall technical specifications
3. Technical specifications of contact network safety status inspection device (2C)
4. Technical specification of vehicle contact network operation status detection device (3C)
5. Technical specifications of the detection and monitoring device (4C) of the catenary suspension state

2.The main function

1. Pantograph diversion line, skateboard, supporting insulator, temperature detection;
2. Overrun detection of contact network;
3. Real-time alarm of abnormal temperature;
4. Real-time alarm for contact network overrun;
5. The temperature curve of the running interval is automatically generated;
6. Real-time recording of infrared temperature data and visible light video data;
7. Overlay PIS data in real time;
8. Automatically complete detection and wireless transmission of alarm data;
9. Provide car data WIFI dump function;
10. Provide on-board data hard disk dump function;
11. Provide real-time query function of test data;
12. Unattended design;

3.Appearance drawing of detection device

4.Picture of arcing alarm

5.Schematic diagram of catenary overrun

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