Application Case

Safety Supervision

1.Security Counter Terrorism

On large vehicles, the thermal imaging camera can perform non-destructive testing on the structure of the object, and uninterrupted testing of the load-bearing part at the same time of the fire to determine whether there is a decrease in strength. Especially in the components of large-span steel structure, because the steel structure begins to reduce strength at 300 degrees, the thermal imager can be used to judge whether the steel structure is safe and can ensure the safety of personnel.


2.Vehicle tracking and monitoring

The vehicle emits a lot of heat during and after use. The heat radiation comes from the engine, tires, brakes and exhaust pipes. A police helicopter equipped with an infrared camera can track the suspect's vehicle from the air.


3.Surveillance in anti-drug, trafficking, possession, anti-narcotics and other occasions

The infrared imaging camera assist system assists law enforcement personnel in inspecting cross-border drug smuggling and generates visual images to help find suspicious individuals.

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